Our water resources

Managing and monitoring our water resources is one of the biggest challenges we face. ​


And each and every day, we go to work to make sure there’s enough for everyone. Today, and in the future.


Some drops flow directly into rivers, others filter through soils into deep aquifiers in a journey taking up to 20,000 years. Water's a renewable resource, being used over and over again.


There are more of us using every drop so it's vital we all understand just how precious water is and do our bit to use only what we really need.



Every drop of your water makes its journey through the water cycle. Flowing through our rivers and streams or filtering through the ground into deep aquifers. Not to mention miles of pipes before it reaches your home.​

We all know British weather – so we’re used to downpours and wash-outs. But here in East Anglia, we actually get a third less rain than anywhere else in the United Kingdom. This is why we can’t just rely on our rivers and groundwater to supply you with water. We need to get creative. And it’s why we store huge amounts of water in our man-made reservoirs. This means water is available even when the weather’s dry, which is likely to become more common with a changing climate.

But no matter where our water comes from, there are more of us living in our region today than ever before. That’s why it’s ever-more important that you only use what you really need. And we’re working hard to take care of water too, by leading the way on finding and fixing leaks, and upgrading our network across the region with smart technology.

To help us plan ahead, we produce a Water Resources Management Plan every five years. It describes how we’ll cope with the challenges of the next 25 years, keeping the balance between the water we want and what we’ve actually got.​

We also have a Drought Plan, which shows what we’d do if there was a water shortage due to drought.​

It’s all part of how we look to the future – a future with more people, a changing climate and less rain. Continually challenging us to innovate and explore better ways of supplying - and protecting - your water. ​

Find out how you can help save water.​