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Catchment Management

All the areas that can affect  the water when it drains into this reservoir

The water we supply to around 4.2 million customers across the region comes from a range of sources including the ground, rivers and reservoirs.

Growing populations, climate change, agriculture, industry, tourism and recreation all put pressure on these resources and a co-ordinated approach is needed to manage these.

European legislation called the Water Framework Directive has set ambitious targets to find more sustainable ways to do just this and Catchment Management is the UK government’s preferred approach.

Central to its plan is to improve all UK waters, aiming to put communities at the heart of protecting and managing their local environment. Catchment Management is the most sustainable way to protect water resources.

What is Catchment Management?

Catchment Management is about preventing pollution from getting into raw water sources rather than relying on ‘end of pipe’ solutions, like water treatment, while delivering other benefits for the economy and environment.

Learn more about our Catchment Management plan

More information about our partnership work with the Rivers Trust and local groups in the Cam and Ely Ouse is available at


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