Example of the factor that could influence catchment management

Anglian Water’s vision for Catchment Management is built on what our customers have told us is important to them, what legislation tells us we need to do, and our own aspirations in our Love Every Drop strategy.

Access to secure supplies of water is one of the most pressing global challenges we face and through Love Every Drop we aim to raise awareness about how essential water is to life, to people, the environment, and to a vibrant economy.

Customers also consider it a priority and have told us they’re happy for us to spend money on protecting the quality of our river and coastal waters. 

Our plan

To improve raw water quality and minimise the need for additional water treatment – both of which are key
outcomes in the Water Framework Directive – we are:

  • Working with key partners, such as farmers and local businesses, to understand the challenges and opportunities to safeguard raw
    water sources.
  • Building on our existing modelling to understand where the high risk and priority areas are.
  • Using these models to show which initiatives will deliver the greatest benefits.
  • Employing Catchment Advisors to carry out extensive investigations on the ground to identify and reduce pollution.
  • Taking a ‘Catchment to Coast’ approach to find and reduce pollution to maintain the excellent standards of our region’s coastal waters.
  • Enhancing biodiversity across our region and managing invasive species.
  • Supporting the catchment partnerships in our region.