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Water resources management

Cover from our Draft Water Resources Management Plan Dec 2015

Water resources management is about making sure there is enough water for homes and businesses while protecting the natural environment.

Our Water Resource Management Plan outlines how we will maintain a sustainable balance between water supplies and demand over the next 25 years.

It describes how we propose to maintain that balance by investing in demand management – metering and water efficiency for example – and developing new water resources.

Our services must cater for an increasing population and underpin and support economic growth. We must also take account of the changing climate, be prepared for future droughts and ensure that our environment is protected. We’ll need to use a whole range of different measures to make sure everyone has enough water: more efficient water use in homes and businesses, wasting less water, providing more storage and finding new water sources.

It is our responsibility to update the Plan every 5 years.

Updating our plan

We are in the process of updating our water resource management plan. We ran a consultation on our draft plan between March and June 2018, and we have now published our revised draft plan and accompanying statement of response.

Our revised draft plan and statement of response can be found here.

Our current Water Resources Management Plan 2015

Our current plan was published in 2015 and covers the period from 2015-2040. The key elements of the plan include:

  • Supporting water efficiency, so that customers only use the water they need
  • Reducing the number of leaks from the network of pipes that transports water
  • Transferring water from where there is a surplus to areas of shortage
  • In the long-term, developing additional supplies.

Water Resources Management Plan - 2015

For further details please refer to our Options Appraisal Report and accompanying Appendices.

The WRMP is also accompanied by an environmental assessment to make sure that where we have planned investment for creating new resources or transferring water we will not harm the environment.

For your information

If you would like the tables and technical reports to go with the management plan, or would like further detail on future trading opportunities/needs, please e-mail us at:



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