Anglian Water is committed to playing its part in protecting and enhancing wildlife across the East of England. Our customers support protecting the environment for its own sake and for the benefits it brings to the economy. It is also a legal requirement to care for certain species and habitats.

Our Biodiversity Strategy, available at the bottom of this page, describes the work we’ll do on our sites and across the region.

We protect wildlife in a number of ways:

  • We own 47 sites that are protected by law because they’re so valuable for wildlife. Examples include Tetney Blow Wells in Lincolnshire, Rutland Water in Rutland and Newbourne Springs in Suffolk. The area of protected land we own is equivalent to 146,000 tennis courts and we must manage it to maintain and enhance its value.
  • We carefully assess the impacts of our construction projects to avoid and minimise harm to wildlife.
  • We survey our sites to find those with wildlife value and work with our staff to look after them.
  • We work in partnership with others such as the Wildlife Trusts, Keep Britain Tidy and the BTO to help wildlife throughout the region.
  • We fund specific conservation projects on individual species such as osprey, nightingale and pool frog.

By working in partnership with environmental charities we benefit from the local expertise and skills that these organisation have, whilst ensuring best value for money. Many of our sites are managed in part by Wildlife Trusts: