pool frog

Anglian Water is the National Biodiversity Champion for the pool frog, a species that became extinct in the UK in the 1990s.

The habitats which the pool frog depends on had been under pressure from water abstraction and poor water quality, but thankfully both of these have now improved .

Since 1999, we’ve been working with Natural England and others, to deliver the pool frog recovery action plan.

The first step was to prove the frog is a native species, Through painstaking archaeological and genetic detective work, the mystery was solved with their origin in East Anglia and its closest living relatives were found to be a population on Sweden. 

The summer of 2005 saw the first of a numbers of reintroduction of this frog to a specially restored pond at a secret site in Norfolk.

Surveys are carried out each year and have shown that the frogs are breeding successfully. The frogs are being closely monitored before more populations are established, and if the habitat requirements are met we are looking establish one such population at one of Anglian Water site.