Anglian Water cleared thirty-six bags of rubbish from Cleethorpes beach in 2016 in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy’s Lincolnshire BeachCare group. 

More than 20 community volunteers, aged between five and 70, went out on one day last April to remove a variety of litter, which included old duvets, rusty car wheels and three buckets of glass.

The event marked the Lincolnshire launch of BeachCare, a partnership between Anglian Water and Keep Britain Tidy that empowers communities to keep their beaches and bathing waters clean.

Over the last year, the team have organised over 40 BeachCare events up and down the east coast in a bid to keep our beaches in tip top shape. They have collected over 700 bags of litter, weighing almost 4000kg.

Clean beaches are not only great for people they’re extremely important for marine life too. Plastic is a big problem because it gets into our oceans injuring wildlife or making them ill when it all adds up.

BeachCare is one of the many ways Anglian water hopes to improve bathing water quality in places where the standard is not yet excellent.

Bathing waters are inspected and sampled during the bathing season, which lasts from May until the end of September. BeachCare can help in improving our bathing waters by removing litter, which can attract vermin and birds. It can also help to indicate possible sources of pollution, as we survey the litter from each pick to see what it contains.

Depending on what we find, we can then go and talk to those groups we think are responsible, or look into what else they might be up to that could cause pollution of the bathing waters.

Last but not least, it’s also a great opportunity to engage with our local communities about other coastal interests such as misconnections and Keep It Clear.

For further information visit our Beachcare page.