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Leakage performance

Anglian Water Technician checking for leaks

The impact of hotter, drier summers, combined with a growing population, has increased the demand for water in our region.

As you'd expect, we are doing everything we can to protect supplies.

Managing water resources efficiently is a key business goal. Our leakage rates are consistently almost half the industry average and we strive continually to improve our performance. Two-thirds of the water lost due to leaks is within our network, the remainder is lost from customers pipes.

Leakage graph

Tackling leaks

Our top priority is to find and fix any leaks in our system – and to help customers plug leaks at home and at work too. Every day we have 300 people finding and fixing leaks and spend £14 million each year driving down leakage.

We continue to operate a rapid response to leak repairs and fix more than 80 per cent of all reported burst mains within two days. Our ambition is to fix all such bursts within two days, and we are working with the local highways authority and others to achieve this.

Driving down leakage

We have ambitious targets to reduce leakage. It is the right thing to do for our customers and for the environment; it is what our customers want, and it makes our service more resilient to drought.

Three year rolling average of 189 Ml/d

As a result, our Business Plan for AMP6 set out a reduction of 10.4 per cent, or 20 Ml/d on last year’s level, bringing it down to 172 Ml/d by 2020.

This year, we achieved our lowest recorded level of leakage, at 183 Ml/d. This makes our three year rolling average 189 Ml/d. Our ODI measures performance using this three-year rolling average, which needs to stay below 192 Ml/d if we are to avoid penalties. 



Our Water Resources Management Plan describes how we propose to maintain a secure balance between water supplies and demands throughout the region.

Promoting metering


Approximately 86 per cent of our customers’ homes now have meters fitted, with 79 per cent using them to measure the amount of water they use and for the calculation of their bill. We are promoting the choice of having a meter, to save water and perhaps money too. We believe metering is the fairest way to pay for water and it helps us promote water efficiency and conservation. Find out more about water meters and how much you could save.



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