Periodic calculator

One of the biggest causes of blockages in our pipes leading to pollution is items such as tampons and sanitary pads. They should always be placed in the bin, never flushed down the loo. Many of these items also contain hidden plastics which are harmful to the environment.


Why not consider switching to reusables. Make your own Periodic Table and calculate your ‘environmenstrual’ impact - just answer the questions and put the answers in the boxes below.

How many disposable period products do you use per cycle ?


On average how many tampons and disposable pads do you use per cycle ?

Roughly, how much money do you spend per cycle (£) ?

How old are you ? (This is to predict how many years you will continue to have periods for as the average age of menopause is 51)

By switching to sustainable period products, I could save

If I choose cups


If I choose pads and pants


If I choose a mixture of both


How many products I could save from going to landfill if I switch to reusables