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Adapting to climate change

A flooded street in Great Yarmouth

Adaptation is about reducing the impact that changes in the climate will have on our business and the vital services we provide to our customers.

It involves changing our business systems and processes to take account of future risks and opportunities. It also means looking at our own behaviour as consumers and the behaviours of our customers to encourage us all to think about what things we can do to minimise the impact of climate change.

In 2009 our Strategic Direction Statement sets out the risks and objectives for the whole business over the 25 years from 2010 to 2035 and climate change is identified as playing a key part.

In 2013 we produced our climate change Adaptation Plan in which we recommit ourselves to take a leading position on Climate Change, invest in adaptation, undertake research to fill knowledge gaps and work with others across the region.

In 2015 we have published our second Adaptation Report under the Climate Change Act 2008. This reports progress since our first Adaptation Report in 2011 and lays out our intended future actions. 

Actions to date have included reducing the vulnerability of key assets to potential changes in flood risk, increasing the resilience of water supplies and research work with various partners including the Met Office to understand how future changes in rainfall might affect the way we design our sewers.

Leading by example

As a founding member of the Prince of Wales' Corporate Leaders' Group (CLG) for Climate Change, we were at the launch of the CLG's Copenhagen Communique in July 2009. This sets out the business case for an ambitious, robust and effective UN framework on climate change. We have been signatories to all The Communiqués including the most recent, the Trillion Tonne Communiqué. This is a global call from business for a policy response to the explicit scientific warnings of the risks posed by the continuing rise in atmospheric greenhouse gases. 

Our Managing Director, Peter Simpson, and other business leaders from major UK, EU and international companies in the CLG share a commitment to develop new and longer-term policies for tackling climate change.

Our climate change charter

We have written our climate change charter which has been signed by our Managing Director, Peter Simpson and Nick Herbert, the then Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. In the charter we promise to:

  • Become the most water-efficient region in the UK
  • Be innovative and develop more sustainable ways of working
  • Encourage employees and customers to take action on climate change
  • Embed climate change mitigation and adaptation into decision making processes  

We are working with a wide range of stakeholders including Government, regulators, Water UK Climate Change Network, the Eureau Climate Change Task Force and various research bodies.

Climate change and Anglian Water

Anglian Water reports giving more detail on our work on climate change


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