Doing our bit

Every drop of water has a history; flowing directly into rivers or filtering through the ground into deep aquifers. No matter where it’s sourced, there are more of us now wanting to use each drop, so it’s vital you use only what you really need. And we’re doing our bit too, by minimising waste and ensuring there’s enough water for everyone.

Managing leaks

You’ve told us this is one of your top priorities so we’ll be spending £22 million each year, from 2015 to 2020, on finding and fixing leaks. Our leak technicians will also focus on pressure management schemes - the root cause of leaks in our system.

Saving water and money

In order to help you save water and money, we’ve been busy fitting meters in 90% of homes across the region. By paying for what you use, housesholds can typically  save up to 15% -  nearly 30 litres per day – keeping your costs down and helping us know where water is used and wasted through leaks.

Tomorrow's forecast: more people, fewer raindrops

Despite a 20% population growth, we supply the same amount of water across our region as we did 30 years ago. We’ve managed this by tackling leaks and running a water saving programme. We all love and need to use water but it’s important to balance the needs of today with water availability in the future. Find out how we’re loving every drop come rain or shine.

If you’re a business customer, contact your provider for more information.