Water saving tips

Saving water doesn't mean we have to cut down on our cuppas or wear our socks two days on the trot, but there are lots of ways we could all use a little less water around the home and garden.


Let’s work together to save more water for our environment, wildlife and future generations. Every drop saved helps tackle the impact of climate change. And if you are on a meter, it can help save money too.

In the bathroom

More than 70% of our daily water use is in the bathroom. And this doesn’t even include leaky taps or toilets! By simply…

  • Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth. It will save more than 2 full buckets of water a day.
  • Using a water displacement device in your toilet cistern and save 1 to 2 litres with every flush.
  • Cutting showers to just 5 minutes, our region could save over 100 million litres of water every single day - that's like leaving a tap running for 30 years! Using less hot water will lower also your gas and electricity bills and reduce the amount of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.
In the garden

Your garden needs a lot of love and care, so why not explore our handy water saving tips for your garden that will save time, water and money.

You can read more about our nature friendly gardening tips which can help wildlife and pollinators do their jobs whilst reducing the use of chemicals and keep pests at bay – all in an easy and environmentally friendly way.

Planting sustainably in your garden will not only help tackle climate change by reducing the amount of water you use and your carbon emissions, but it will also provide habitats for wildlife to flourish. Read more about how you can plant sustainably by using the right plants in the right place to help keep your garden green.

In the kitchen

There are many ways you can use less water in the kitchen and save carbon and money too. Some of our top tips include:

  • Save 10 litres of precious water by running one full load of washing instead of two half loads.
  • A running tap uses 15 litres every minute – so why not try washing your fruit and vegetables in a bowl of fresh water.
  • Use every space in your dishwasher before putting it on as each cycle can use 15 litres of water.


Water is precious, so we work hard to make sure there is enough to go around for both today and tomorrow. Explore more about how we save water here.

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