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This section answers some of the questions we are asked on a frequent basis, including queries about billing, our services, what to do if you have a leak and a whole lot more. Please click on the section titles below to reveal the questions and answers.

  • Bills

    Can I pay my bill on-line?

    Yes, you can pay your bill online by internet banking or you can use the online debit/credit card payment form. There's also lots of other ways to pay your bill.

    Our My Account service also gives you the option to view, pay and keep details of your Anglian Water bill online.


    I'm struggling to pay my bill

    Having enough money to pay your bills can sometime be a bit of a challenge. If you’re finding it hard, we will work with you to come up with a payment plan.

    I want to give a meter reading

    How can I find out more about your tariffs and charges?

    Current year’s charges are available on our website from the middle of February each year.

    How much are bills increasing and why?

    The average charge for a household's water and sewerage service for 2019-20 is set to rise by just 4 pence to £1.21 per day.

    This year’s small bill increase, of just four pence per day, (in line with inflation) will allow the company to continue to invest a further £470million in this the final year of our £5billion commitment to invest in the necessary infrastructure to prepare for the unique challenges faced in the region.

    Surface water doesn't drain into the public sewers from my property, can I reduce the amount I pay for sewerage services?

    If you can show us that this is the case, we'll reduce the amount you pay for sewerage standing charges each year. Use the link to find out more about surface water and to see if you should apply.

  • Services

    What special services do you offer?

    We like to give tailor-made services to customers who may, from time to time, need a bit of extra help.

    How can I order free water-saving products?

    Use our website to order a variety of free water-saving products to help reduce your water use and possibly your bill too.

    Who's responsible for the sewers and pipes that take uses water away from my property?

    Back in October 2011, we became responsible for looking after many more sewers and pipes that take used water from loos and sinks. If you're connected to the public sewer system, we are now responsible for the pipes that are outside your property boundary.

    Where can I find information about the quality of my water?

    Use our postcode search function to get details of the drinking water quality in your area.

    What quality of service can I expect?

    We aim to provide an excellent service for our customers and have deliberately set ourselves targets which require higher levels of performance than those imposed by our regulators. However, with millions of customer transactions every year, things may occasionally go wrong.

    How do you spend my money?

    We’re planning a £5 billion investment to underpin an extensive programme of work between now and 2020. Projects include water main repairs, sewer maintenance, environmental protection and new water recycling equipment.

    Who regulated the water companies?

    We have four regulators: two keep an eye on your interests, one sets the standard for the quality of tap water and the fourth safeguards the environment. In addition, data processing laws regulate how we can use any personal information we hold about you.

  • Leaks and burst mains

    I want to report a leak

    Help us identify water leaks across our region – big or small. If you spot a leak, down the street, up the alley or round the corner - please tell us so we can fix it

    There's a leak on my water supply pipe

    In most cases, you are responsible to getting any leak on the pipe that brings water from the boundary of your property to your door.

  • Water meters

    I’d like to have a water meter fitted

    Many of our customers have found that having a water meter fitted can help reduce their water bills with savings of up to £100 per year. Metering makes particular sense because, on average customers with water meters use 15% less water than those customers without

    There's a water meter already fitted at my property. Should I make the switch?

    You can easily switch to metered charges and also save money at the same time. Use the information to work out how much you might pay for metered charges compared to your current Rateable Value based bill.

  • Contact us

    How can I contact you?

    The easiest way to contact us is to send us an email. Just complete an online form and this will make sure your email gets to the right department, whether your enquiry is about anything from a meter reading to a change of address. Alternatively, you can phone or write to us.

    What if I have a complaint?

    If you’re not happy with any element of our service, please tell us – we want to know and put things right for the future. Details of what to do if you wish to complain can be found in section 9 of our code of practice

  • Advice about Bogus Callers

    Advice about Bogus Callers

    With more and more reports of people falling victim to Bogus Callers claiming to be from the water board or other utilities like gas and electricity, we recommend you follow our four easy steps, Lock, Stop, Chain and Check.


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