Cover from the 2015 version of our Codes of Practice

Our Codes of Practice act as our operating manual telling you what you can expect from us and what we will do to make amends if we don’t meet any of these standards.

Some of our standards include

  • If we need to interrupt your water supply for planned work, we will tell you when it’s going off and when it will be back on again.
  • If you tell us you have internal sewage flooding we will do our very best to be there within four hours.
  • If we need to visit you, we will offer you the choice of a morning (before 1pm) or afternoon appointment, or if you ask, we can arrange an appointment within a two-hour time period. If we have to change the appointment, we’ll try to give you 24 hours notice.
  • If you write to us with a query about your bill, we will reply within 10 working days.

If we don’t keep any of these promises, we’ll credit your account with £20 – without you even having to ask.

You can find all our promises in section 8 of our Codes of Practice.

What if you're not happy and  wish to complain?

If you’re not happy with any element of our service, please tell us – we want to know and put things right for the future. Details of what to do if you wish to complain can be found in section 9 of our code of practice.