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Is metering right for you?

Weighing up the meter options

If you're thinking of applying for a water meter or a meter has been fitted at your property as part of our metering programme, we hope the following information will help you decide whether you would be better off paying measured charges.

Step 1. What sort of water user are you?

Click on the links below to determine the type of water user your household is.

Below average water usage

  • Prefers showers
  • Infrequently uses a washing machine
  • Has no dishwasher
  • Has no hosepipe

Average water usage

  • Takes frequent baths/showers
  • Regularly uses a washing machine
  • Has a dishwasher
  • Occasionally uses a sprinkler or hosepipe

Above average water usage

  • Takes frequent baths/power showers
  • Heavily uses a washing machine
  • Uses a dishwasher daily
  • Extensively uses a sprinkler or hosepipe

Step 2. Match your water usage to the number of people in your household

Per Year

Number of people in property   Low user yearly bill (£) Average user yearly bill (£)   Above average user yearly bill (£)
 1  209  295  450
 2  285  432  616
 3  355  514  766
 4  418  578  842
 5  473  658  982

Per month
Number of people in property Low user monthly bill (£) Average user monthly bill (£)  Above average user monthly bill (£)
 1  17.42  24.58  37.50
 2  23.75  36.00  51.33
 3  29.58  42.82  63.83
 4  34.83  48.17  70.17
 5  39.42  54.83  81.83



These figures are based on the standard measured tariff and apply until 31 March 2019.

Costs are based on an estimated annual figure which includes water and sewerage charges plus a fixed foul, surface water and highway drainage charge.

Step 3. Compare this with the amount you currently pay for your water bill.

Step 4. If metered charges are right for you, make the switch. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of switching?

  • You can influence your bill as you pay for what you use.
  • You are more aware of the amount of water you use. 
  • You can save money on your water and energy bills.
  • Living in the UK's driest region, we need to reduce the amount of water we use to help our communities, businesses and precious wildlife.

I want to switch to measured water charges but don't have a water meter. What do I do?

Here's the 5 easy steps it takes to have a water meter fitted - we just need you to take the first step!

Step 1 - You decide to have a meter fitted. Look at the tables above to decide whether you would be better off on a meter then complete the application form

Step 2 - Once we’ve arranged an appointment we will visit to survey to fit a meter, and our expert will carry out a water check up to give advice on where you can save money on your water and energy bills. Where possible, and with your permission, we can also help you save further by fitting water saving devices. A visit can take up to 55 minutes.

Step 3 - If we can't fit your meter at Step 2 then our plumber or dig team will be able to fit the meter at this step.

Step 4 - Once your meter's fitted we'll send you a final unmeasured bill. We'll also give you an idea when you are likely to receive your first measured bill.

Step 5 - If we need to dig at Step 3 then we'll be back to complete the work once the ground has had time to settle


I've already got a meter fitted at my property as part of your metering programme. How do I switch to measured water charges?

It couldn't be easier, just tell us:

  • Your Name
  • Account Number (this can be found on your bill)
  • Phone Number



Can I change my mind and go back to unmetered charges?

Yes, don’t worry, if you are unhappy with your measured water bill and don’t see the savings you anticipated, our 2 Year Switchback Guarantee allows you to revert back to rateable value based charge at any point.

Note: Once a meter has been fitted on your property, it will remain there permanently regardless of whether you choose to switch back or not.


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