Anglian Water is responsible for the largest, fastest growing and driest regions in the UK.

Water is a precious resource, and although it may be cheaper than other utilities it’s still important to save water where we can and use water wisely. That’s why Anglian Water is embarking on a cutting edge smart meter initiative to help customers use less water and save money.

Although smart meter technology is already being used in the energy sector, it is not widely available in the water sector.

The new smart meters will:

  • Give customers visibility of their water use, which can help to understand when and where you use the most water.
  • Help to identify leaks on customer pipework quicker. This means we can let customers know quicker and it can be repaired quicker, saving more water.
  • Help to give an early warning if a customer’s water bill will be higher than normal, putting them in control of their bill and water use.
  • Give hints and tips on how to make small changes to save water and money through the ‘My Use’ portal.
  • Be able to compare water usage to similar homes in the area.

With the new smart meters Anglian Water will be able to:

  • Pinpoint and fix leaks and bursts on our water pipes quicker than ever before.
  • Forecast and plan a town’s water demand more accurately, and give us a better understanding than ever before on how our water is being used by our customers, making sure that whatever the weather brings in the future there is enough water to keep taps flowing.
  • Make sure our customers receive a better service, by being able to find and fix leaks quicker, let them know if there is a leak on their private pipework and give them an early warning their bill might be higher than usual.
  • Find and fix or replace faulty water meters quicker.
  • The smart meters will mean fewer visits from Anglian Water to physically read meters, saving carbon, time and money which can be invested elsewhere improving services for our customers.

The scheme will be trialled in towns of ColchesterNewmarket and Norwich.

If the trials in these areas are successful Anglian Water will be looking to offer it to other customers right across the region.