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The Water Display

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The Water Display will help you understand how you use water in your home, and what uses the most water. 

What does a Water Display do?

Your water Display will show you how much water you are using right now (the drips from the tap represent this) and how much it has cost you (32p in the example below).

It will allow you to tell it how many people live in your house, you can then challenge yourselves to see if you can beat the target. This would be represented by the beaker; if you do not use the expected amount the beaker will never be completely full.

If you use more, the beaker will overflow and you will see puddles.

After 7 days the Water Display will start to show Fish to represent if you are above or below your target for the period (today, last week or last month). 

How to read the display screen

  • Today – You are assessing today’s usage
  • Money – You have used £0.32 today this includes standing charge(s).*
  • Beaker – You have used about half of today’s budget
  • Fish – You are likely to use 25% less than your daily budget
  • Tap – You are currently using water at a rate of 151-200 litres per hour.
  • Orange Triangle – this indicates there is an alert
  • LEAK –The meter is telling you via the Water Display that there is a leak
  • 15.06.12 – The date the meter detected the leak

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