Clean socks hanging on a washing line

We all love every cup of tea, every shower, every clean sock, every wake-up splash.

Ever since the Romans built their baths here, we've pumped water, piped it, flushed it, guzzled it.

Now we're asking you to save it. Why?

Tomorrow's forecast:
More people and fewer raindrops

Our weather patterns are changing. We could all be growing peaches and olives in our gardens before too much longer. That means even less rain to fill the rivers, streams and reservoirs we all depend on for our water supply.

Added to that we’re welcoming new neighbours in new neighbourhoods. Our region is growing fast.

More people and fewer raindrops could make filling the kettle and doing the washing more of a challenge for us all.

We’re proud of our record as one of the top water companies in the UK and we’re doing our best to meet that challenge head on.

Saving water makes a huge difference.

So, although it may seem we get more rain than we can shake an umbrella at, working together to get into the habit of using water wisely now will make all the difference tomorrow.

Join our campaign for the future. It’s called Love Every Drop. You can take part at a tap near you.