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Your water recycling services

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From the moment you flush it or pull out the plug, to the time it goes back to the environment, Anglian Water looks after the water you’ve used. We treat it and we test it to make sure it’s clean enough to keep the environment, and the Environment Agency, happy..

Together, 6.4 million of you send us almost a billion litres of used water every day – enough to fill 392 Olympic swimming pools if we really wanted to.

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It arrives in a non-stop torrent through our 76,335 kilometre long network of sewers and gets cleaned up at 1,123 water recycling works dotted around the region.

And it’s not just dirty water that ends up in our sewers. Every year we spend around £7million unblocking pipes, removing sanitary products such as wipes, tonnes of sticky cooking fat and oil, as well as mattresses, bicycles, fridges, shopping trolleys, and false teeth!

More than two thirds of all sewer blockages are caused by people putting things down the sewers that shouldn't be there.

Even a half-blocked pipe can slow the flow, causing an overflow of the used water that we try so hard contain, especially if it’s raining heavily.

To help keep your used water where it belongs, give a thought about what you flush and help avoid blockages. Our Keep It Clear programme is raising awareness of these issues and working with communities to make a difference.

Is your sewer blocked?

If you think a sewer is blocked, call us on 03457 145 145. It’s our 24 hour hotline and will cost the same as a local call.

Having the right connections

When we think of river pollution, most of us think it’s come from factories, farms or local industry – very few of us think it could be as a result of incorrect plumbing in our homes. 

Used water from dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, baths and even in some cases your toilet to end up in local rivers and water courses instead of the water recycling works.

You may not have fitted your appliances but it is your responsibility to put it right. Use the ConnectRight website to make sure your home plumbing is connected right and for advice on what to do if you find a problem.


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