Domestic tap with running water

When you turn on the tap for a glass of water or to fill the kettle for your morning cup of tea; when you wash yourself or your clothes, how many of us stop to think about all the tests and the treatment process this water has been through?

Together, 4.2 million of you will use 1.1 billion litres of high quality water every day – enough to fill 440 Olympic swimming pools if we really wanted to. It arrives in tip top condition through more than 38,000 kilometres of water supply pipes, having been treated at one of our 143 water treatment works dotted across the region.

And yet this region is one of the driest in the country, receiving on average only 600mm of rain a year. Water is therefore considered a precious resource and with careful management we:

  • Have one of the lowest leakage rates in the world.
  • Encourage customers to use water meters and only pay for the water they use.
  • Provide information and services to customers to help them use water wisely.
  • Carry out research to find the best ways to use water.