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Controlling Leakage

leakage technician using leak detection equipment

Our leakage monitoring system is one of the largest in the UK. We have highly trained leakage detection teams who use the latest leak detection technology.

We spend £14 million every year sending our leak technicians around the region to find and fix leaks. We have one of the best track records on leaks in the whole country fixing around 30,000 leaks every year, many of those within 24 hours.

But leaks don’t just occur in pipes underground. They can happen at home, too.

If think you have a leak and have a water meter fitted to your property, we recommend that you carry out a leak test before you contact us.

Our leakage records

We consistently hold one of the best leakage records in the industry and continually strive to improve our performance. See how we compare to other water and sewerage companies.

Leakage allowance

If you are claiming for a domestic leakage allowance, please complete this on-line form. To check if you are eligible please see our facts about leakage allowance.

Please only complete this form when the repair is completed.


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