Vac-Ex vehicle

Finding and fixing leaks as quickly and efficiently as possible is one of the challenges we face to make sure we can continue to provide drinking water for customers to use at any time of the day or night. 

And that is why, over the next couple of months and with the help of Vac-Ex, we’re trialling a vacuum excavation project which provides a substantially quicker digging method to help us repair many more leaks in a day then we have been able to do before.

Our intention is to repair all of the leaks in one area on the same day, with the added benefit that we can remove the excavated soil, backfill and make good the locations where we’ve worked in the same day rather than leaving spoil, signs and barriers in place over night. 

How do you know if work is planned in the area where you live?

We'll be writing to everyone in areas where we plan to carry out the trail and you will also receive an automated phone message advising you of a start date 48 hours before we are due to start.

How might the work affect you?

To allow our repair team to carry out the work using a vacuum excavator:

  • We'll mark out the area we need to work with a number of cones on the kerb edge. 
  • In most cases work is carried out between 8am and 6pm and we'll do our best to minimise any disruption.
  • Parking restrictions will apply for a short period of time while we repair the leak and make good the roads and pathways afterwards. Boards will be placed over any excavations in front of driveways or walkways so you can still have access to your property but please take extra care when driving or walking over them.

There may also be a short interruption to your water supply on the day. If you are likely to be affected, one of our engineers will let you know.