The routemap to net zero carbon

The journey to reaching net zero carbon will be challenging. Our industry currently produces two per cent of the UK’s total carbon emissions.


Our collaborative routemap sets out how we plan to rise to the challenge over the next decade. It is the world’s first example of an entire industry coming together to develop a sector-wide plan to drive down emissions.

Our pledge


In 2019, as part of a new Public Interest Commitment, we pledged to reach net zero carbon  along with other water companies in England.


This is an ambitious commitment, and we have a challenging journey ahead of us; however, we know how important it is for reducing the consumption of natural resources and addressing the threat of climate change, particularly for our region.


In 2020, the water industry published its routemap on how the sector will reach net zero for operational emissions in less than a decade.


How will we get there?


The routemap sets out a broad range of opportunities, initiatives and projects that will help the sector cut millions of tonnes of carbon emissions by 2030, including:


  • making even more use of renewable energy by generating enough solar and wind power to meet 80% of the water sector’s electricity demands. We have a target at Anglian Water to generate 44% of the energy we need using renewable sources by 2025
  • restoration of 20,000 hectares of precious peatland and grassland to capture carbon emissions
  • planting 11 million new trees
  • producing more biogas from sewerage waste, which can be injected into the grid to heat homes or used as an alternative fuel for transport
  • using advanced anaerobic digestion for sewage treatment to reduce process emissions
  • using electric or alternative fuels to power our fleet vehicles and commercial vehicles.


We will use this routemap to develop our own net zero action plan based on the needs and challenges in our region.


Showing leadership


Of course, we can’t do this alone, we’ll be working with our customers, the Government, regulators and our supply chain to help deliver to these plans and be an industry leader on this journey.


We co-sponsor the water sector’s net zero carbon commitment with Northumbrian Water and Yorkshire Water and chair the Water UK net zero working group.


Our CEO Peter Simpson is playing a leading role in driving progress to net zero across British industry through his co-chairship of the UK branch of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, whose members are committed to achieve net zero carbon emissions.


Further information


See our industry routemap to net zero.