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Our Survey of Domestic Consumption (SODCON) monitors water use at over 2000 properties across our region, helping us more accurately forecast water demand.

Consumption survey

Once a year, we ask you to complete a short survey and as a thank you, we give you £20. And if you're interested, we can tell you about your water use from the data collected. Your involvement in this project enables  us forecast future use - ensuring continuous supplies for future generations - plus you’re helping make  our day-to-day operations and management more efficient, giving you better value.

How does it work?


We fit monitoring equipment to your property’s meter; it’s usually in the garden, on the pavement or inside. 

The equipment has a radio transmitter, so we can collect data without having to enter your property or disturb you.


If we've recently contacted you or you’d like to know more about the project, the following may be useful.