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Primary outreach

Our education sessions are tailored to your students’ age and ability and run by the Community Education Team (qualified teachers with full DSB checks). We offer a range of interactive sessions which can be adapted to meet your needs.

Sessions for Key Stage 2

Your class can spend the whole day or half a day learning about what we do at Anglian Water and how we borrow water from the natural water cycle.

It includes why water is important, how to be waterwise, the impact of what we put down our toilets and the effect this has on the environment and how Anglian Water uses micro-organisms to cleaed water before returning it to the environment

Lessons include:


 The Water cycle and how we clean water


We will look at how Anglian Water interupt this natural cycle to clean water and send this to customers homes. We will explore the role of our water quality scientists who ensure that the water we drink is always clean and safe.


Waterwise - learn about water efficiency 


Are you a water warrior or a water waster? We challenge you to use as little water as possible. Let’s find out if you are up to the task?


Sewerage - make sewage soup


Explore the world of sewage in an interactive session by making sewage soup. Learn about the science of sewage and how to protect the environment whilst having FUN!.


Acess to a sink and the interactive whiteboard is required. Individual lessons take around an hour. 


Risk assessments available for all activities. Email us for further information.