Primary outreach

Due to the corona virus pandemic, we have taken the decision to change our sessions to virtual sessions for the foreseeable future.

Our education sessions are tailored to your students’ age and ability and run by the Community Education Team (qualified teachers with full DSB checks). We offer a range of interactive sessions which can be adapted to meet your needs.

Sessions for KS2

We have designed a set of sessions - each lasting 1.5 hours that can be delivered virtually by us in your classroom. We have made the sessions as interactive and fun as possible, making use of videos and investigations the children can carry out wherever we can.

The sessions we are currently offering are: 

 The Water cycle, how we clean water and how to use it wisely 


We explore the natural water cycle, how Anglian Water interrupts that cycle to make water safe for us to use in our homes and at school. We then explore how individuals can use it efficiently, protecting the environment and help lessen the impact its use has on climate change.


Used water- what happens to it?


Explore the world of sewerage. Find out what it is ok to flush, how the water is recycled and made safe to go back into the natural water cycle, the role of micro - organisms and the impact on pollutions. 


We also have a scheme of work consisting of 12 STEM sessions available to download that can be used in school or can be carried out at home if pupils are unable to attend school temporarily


To book a session or for further information please Email us.