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Secondary outreach

Our education sessions are tailored to your students’ age and ability and run by the Community Education Team (qualified teachers with full DSB checks). Our interactive sessions cover many areas of the curriculum, particularly science, geography, and PSHE, and are suitable for Key Stage 3 to adult.

The water supply challenge

Students design, build and test a water supply network, simulating a real life engineering project. The aim is to complete a fully functioning water network to 'supply' customers with water at a satisfactory flow from tower to tap. At the end of the excercise, real water must flow to all Anglian Water customers. 


The Kapla build is a way of students learning about the demands of engineering, requiring teamwork and using a range of skills in teams to complete the task.

Students will design a bridge or tower, writing detailed instructions for another team to follow. Teams then try and build each others designs, which will be closest to the original?

Liquid assets

Your class becomes the board of directors to create a plan for the company's future. They must consider five different areas: finance, operations, enhancement and resilience of services, customer care and the environment. Can they create a plan for the future of our region, ensuring the environment, agriculture and customers have enough water?

Go with the flow

A creative way to learn, challenging teams to work together and plan strategically. The aim is to build a water recycling network and send sewage from the bath, toilet and sink ot the water recycling works. Answer the questions to earn pipes and watch out for blockages caused by other teams. Can you block their network or will they stop you?