A £400,000 project to help protect homes in Wickford from the risk of flooding after heavy rain, got underway last month.

The scheme, by Anglian Water, includes constructing a large capacity storage tank and installing over 350 metres of new, larger capacity drains in land close to the A127.  

Once work is complete the extra capacity will significantly reduce the risk of flooding to homes in the area, where problems have occurred in the past.  

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “Flooding of any kind is understandably devastating for those affected, which is why we’re constantly working to maintain and improve our drains and sewers across the region.  

“The project in Wickford is designed to reduce the risk of flooding in the Cranfield Park area by increasing capacity in our network. This will reduce the chances of drains and pipes becoming overwhelmed at times of heavy rain.  

“Between now and spring 2015 we have plans to invest over £3 million in similar schemes across Essex to reduce the risk of flooding to homes. This is on top of our rolling programme of maintenance and improvement work across the region."  

Most of the construction work is being carried out in the nearby fields, but the junction of Cranfield Park Road with the northbound A127 will be closed for around two weeks from 11 November, while the project crosses the road.  

The main A127 will not be affected in anyway by this work, but traffic looking to join the A127 at Cranfield Park Road will be diverted along the A132 and onto the A127.

Antony added: “We know this part of the work will be disruptive and we’re sorry for that. Our engineers will be doing what they can to keep disruption to a minimum and completing this section of work as quickly as we can.  

“Hopefully road users will understand the work is taking place to benefit homes in the local area.”