An £830,000 project to replace over six kilometres of water mains in Manea gets under way today (February 11). The project by Anglian Water is expected to take until the summer to complete.

By replacing these pipes, the utility hopes to significantly reduce the chances of supply interruptions and leaks in the area, where they have become more common in recent years.  

Antony Innes, from Anglian water, said: “This is an important project for the area and will help make sure our customers’ water supplies are protected for the future.  

“Clearly, a project of this scale is going to cause some disruption to residents, as junctions and roads will be partially closed during the scheme.  

“We’re sorry for the impact this will have but hopefully residents will understand that we are working to keep this inconvenience to a minimum and once complete the work will really be a benefit for the area.”  

Rather than digging up over six kilometres of roads in the area Anglian Water plans to work in separate phases and use ‘trenchless’ working techniques. By working in this way disruption should be reduced, particularly on Station Road, Day’s Lode Road, Wisbech Road and Fifty Road.  

Work is beginning on the outskirts of the town heading towards the centre. This means the impact on road users in the area is likely to be minimal for the first few months of the project.   

Antony continued: “By using the latest innovative techniques we will only need to dig ‘access pits’ at key points along the pipe replacement route. This will help speed up the work and mean that roads can remain open to traffic, albeit with temporary traffic lights in place.  

“The water supply for properties along the route of the new mains will be interrupted briefly when we swap their service to the new mains. This will make sure that their water is kept at the highest standard. In all instances we will write to customers well in advance of this happening with full details of when and how long their home will be affected.”  

If customers have any concerns about the project please get in touch with the site team who will be happy to help, or contact us on 03457 145 145.