Duke of Edinburgh visiting Grafham Water

 Keeping the taps flowing is no mean feat, making sure our customers’ have clean safe water to drink, as well as taking away their used water is our top priority. Here’s a rundown of what we’ve been up to this year.

•  We’ve supplied over 500 billion litres of water to our customers throughout the eastern region this year!
•  Replaced 15km of water pipes, relined 30km of sewer pipe and 1000km of sewers were cleaned, helping us to provide the service we and our customers expect.
•  We have one of the lowest leakage records in the water industry and we have found and repaired nearly 8000 leaks, reducing leakage rates by a further 5% this year and saving an additional 10 million litres of water every single day. That’s like saving enough water to fill 4 Olympic sized swimming pools everyday.
•  ‘Poo power’ has helped to make our water recycling process even more sustainable and efficient. Our Combined Heat and Power plants at our water recycling centres generated 96,000,000 kWh this year, which is enough to power 40,000 homes for a year. The green energy has been used to power machinery on our sites and what is left has been exported back to the electricity grid.
•  Our water recycling technicians have cleared a sewer blockage every 15 minutes throughout the year. Over 43,000 blockages were found in our region this year, with 34,000 of them being completely preventable and caused by fats oils and greases put down the sink rather than the bin and by unflushable wet wipes flushed down the loo.
•  Over 20,000 children and adults have visited our community education centres at Chelmsford and Leighton Linslade water recycling centres.

One of our highlights of 2016 was the 50 year anniversary of the Duke of Edinburgh first opening Grafham Reservoir. On the 25th May, His Royal Highness returned to Grafham to honour the anniversary. He also officially opened Anglian Water’s state-of-the-art storage reservoir, and pumping station next to the existing Grafham Water Treatment Works.

This new storage reservoir is allowing Anglian Water to store an additional 40 million litres of treated water, in order to secure supplies for customers in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and Milton Keynes. The celebrations saw hundreds of people - from the local community, Grafham activity clubs and Anglian Water employees.