The doors of the award winning ‘Potting Shed’ have reopened to offer all Anglian Water customers free water friendly gardening packs. Customers can apply for their free kits by finding us on Facebook or clicking here.

With the weather hopefully starting to pick up, many customers will want to spend more time in their gardens - meaning we’re all starting to look at ways to make the most of them. For many of us this will be sprucing up our planting and making sure what we already have is healthy and well looked-after.  

‘The Potting Shed’ – a website run in partnership with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) – offers customers seasonal gardening advice, and tips on how to make your garden less thirsty but still a beautiful place to enjoy.  

Linda Berkshire, Water Efficiency Manager, for Anglian Water, said: “It may seem we get more rain than we can shake an umbrella at, but the reality is quite different.  

“We live in one of the driest parts of the country, receiving only two-thirds of the average rainfall of the rest of the country and with demand for water being higher in the summer we’re looking to help customers use less water and still have colourful and healthy gardens to enjoy.  

“The Potting Shed website gives customers compost-heaps of advice and easy to follow tips to help them have beautiful and water friendly gardens. But best of all people can apply to have a free kit of gardening goodies sent to them to make things even easier.”  

The pack contains water storing crystals, which swell to absorb 400 times their own weight in water, reducing the need for frequent watering. Along with a guide to drought-tolerant plants, the pack also contains watering mats for hanging baskets, tubs and planters. The mats soak up 20 litres of water per square metre, only releasing the water to roots as they need it, minimising the need for daily watering.  

There are also plenty of other water friendly gardening tips available. Things like getting a water butt so you can recycle rain water, watering plants late in the day to reduce evaporation and using a watering can to make sure that when we do water our plants the water gets to the roots where it’s needed, rather than spraying the leaves.  

Linda added: “With the changing climate and the predicted growth of our region in the years to come the demand for water is going to increase further.  

“But by choosing plants carefully, to make sure they are suited to our conditions and working together to get into the habit of making the best use of water in the garden, and in the home, we can make a big difference for tomorrow.  

“The Potting Shed is all about making beautiful but water friendly gardens as easy as possible to achieve and the free packs should help customers to get started.”  

Any of Anglian Water’s 4.3 million water customers can claim their free pack by clicking here or by finding us on Facebook.