Highland Cattle at Taverham in Norfolk

Anglian Water has bought its own herd of cows to help manage a Norfolk nature reserve.

The six Highland Cattle have been drafted in to help manage the meadows at Taverham, where the company owns the fishing lodge and nearby lakes.  

Simon Wrigglesworth, Anglian Water’s Head Warden at Taverham, explained: “It’s really important we keep the meadows at Taverham in good condition. They are a County Wildlife Site and the mix of grasses and flowers there are brilliant for all sorts of insects and other creatures.  

“Mowing is very difficult, and the ground is quite soggy and big machines could churn up the ground.  

“Using cattle to munch the grass is much better and Highland Cattle are better still. They are surprisingly light of foot and don’t disturb the ground as much as other breeds.  

“What’s more, they eat all the thistles and other tough plants other cows might turn their noses up at. This makes them great for keeping the meadow in tip top condition.”  

He added: “Highland Cattle are classed as a rare breed and so it’s great to be able to help conserve them too.”  

The cows have been brought from a local farmer, who will continue to look after them for Anglian Water.  This will ensure the cows are well cared for while Taverham’s meadows benefit from having them on site all year.