Anglian Water has been recognised alongside global companies such as Barclays, Kingfisher and Jaguar Land Rover, for its commitment to responsible business management.

The water company has been given the highest ranking – the Platinum Big Tick - in Business in the Community’s annual Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index).  

As a result Anglian Water is now one of five companies to be shortlisted in the Responsible Business of the Year category in Business in the Community’s prestigious Responsible Business Awards.  

The Platinum Big Tick is recognition for Anglian Water’s commitment to tackling and preparing for major challenges like resource scarcity, population growth and climate change through its Love Every Drop business strategy.  

Andy Brown, Head of Sustainability for Anglian Water, said: "Nothing is more important to the success of our economy and our communities than a safe, secure water supply.  

"A growing population and the changes brought on by climate change are huge challenges which can only be overcome by changing the way we all use and think about water. That's what Love Every Drop aims to do. It is what a responsible water company must do in the 21st Century.  

"We know Anglian Water has a huge role to play in building a sustainable future and in inspiring others to do the same.  

"Being ranked alongside the very best on the CR Index is testament to the commitment shown by our staff, suppliers and customers to building that better future.”  

The Platinum Big Tick shows Anglian Water is making long-term investments to improve or launch new environmentally and socially sound services, and embedding responsible values at the heart of its business operations.  

Despite the economic challenges currently facing business, the 2013 CR Index paints a positive picture of commitment to responsible business in the UK. 

Anglian Water achieved a 97 per cent score – well above the average of 89 per cent for all participating companies.  

The high average scores indicate companies are continuing to overcome commercial pressures to maintain their investment in and engagement with responsible business.  

Andy said: “Love Every Drop is already delivering concrete results.  

“We’re starting to see people and businesses thinking as responsibly about water use as they do about recycling. We’re also seeing the number of blockages caused by misuse of the sewers falling, reducing the risk of pollution or flooding.  

“Nationally, Love Every Drop is helping to influence a bigger debate about water, and its fundamental role in sustainable business across the country.”  

He added: “The challenges facing businesses are always changing, as are the expectations of our customers. It’s up to us to keep pushing forward, to see these changing expectations as opportunities to engage with the communities we serve, and to make the most of every opportunity we get to support and improve our region.   

“We are very proud of this achievement, but we don't see it as reward for a job done. Instead, it is proof we're moving in the right direction, and encouragement to keep going.”  

Stephen Howard, Chief Executive, Business in the Community said: “The CR Index tells us that, despite the complexities of this agenda and the tough economic challenges they’re facing, our leading companies are continuing to invest in responsible business and truly integrate it within their operations.  

“I congratulate Anglian Water for achieving Platinum Big Tick because it signifies a key step on the journey, a willingness to rise to the challenge and that they are part of a movement of responsible business in which all companies have their unique part to play.  

“We look forward to working with, supporting and challenging Anglian Water to build on this achievement as we, together drive the transformational change needed to deliver a sustainable economy.”  

Winners of Business in the Community’s Responsible Business Awards will be announced on July 2nd in London.