Emergency repair work to replace a badly blocked sewer in Ipswich is nearing completion now that a solid concrete blockage has been successfully cleared.

The remedial work by Anglian Water on Defoe Road and Chepstow Road began last October. Although it still has several weeks to go, an end is now in sight.  

The work became necessary when a building company poured concrete into a drain, which set when it flowed into the sewer below the ground.  

Antony Innes from Anglian Water said: “It’s good news that all the concrete has been removed from the sewer and although there are still several weeks of work to complete, we can now move to the final phase of the scheme and start to restore the road and the surrounding area.  

“We appreciate this work may have caused frustration for residents and road users in the area. This was a difficult project from the outset as it was initially impossible to know the extent of the damage, which left us no choice but to excavate it sewer in full taking a longer time to do than we would usually hope.    

“Engineers have been working hard since we were alerted to this problem, back in October, to remove what turned out to be over 50 metres of solid concrete from one of our sewers. The pipe was buried about five metres beneath the road surface, which caused some additional problems for us.”  

Although the project is in its final stages, there are still several weeks of work left to complete.  

“Work to restore the streets and gardens with the local council and highways authority will still take several weeks,” continued Antony, “and we also have a complex job to do working with other utility companies to restore all services and return streets and gardens to normal.  

“We have been able to take away the temporary pipes which we had been using to divert sewage around the blockage, and this is a significant milestone for the project.  

“We would like to thank customers for their patience and understanding while we’ve worked to repair this damage. We will be in touch with people directly in coming weeks to update them on progress and when we expect all work to be fully completed.”