Anglian Water builds on its inclusion focus with a partnership with Womens Utilities Network

08 March 2021


Anglian Water has joined forces with the Womens Utilities Network (WUN) to build on their inclusion focus and to help them build on their goal of being a truly diverse organisation.


Inclusion is the long-term health of the water company and a diverse workforce is key to enable idea generation and strengthen the adaptability for future challenges.  Anglian Water is a purpose-led organisation and inclusion is fundamental to how the company operates and delivers for their customers and the environment.


Utilities across the country are reliant on a new generation of motivated, passionate and well-trained engineers coming forward to ensure they continue their vital work. Ensuring that this is done with a focus on inclusion is a factor when recruiting and female engineers and other professionals are a minority in teams across the country.  Anglian Water want to ensure they are at the forefront to change this.  The water company want to inspire young minds today to pursue a worthwhile and exciting career in engineering whilst continuing to endorse and support female staff, of all ages, in current and future leadership roles.


WUN was started to give women the skills and confidence they need to build lasting, fulfilling careers in the utility sector.  Founded by a group of women who have themselves built successful careers in both energy and water, WUN seeks to help other women to build the right networks, get access to training and take control of their own work lives at whichever stage of their career they are at.


This year, more than half of the interns at Anglian Water have been women, plus 44% of apprentices and 50% of senior manager hires. Predominantly in the past the work force has been dominated by men in the utilities sector and roughly 70% are men.


Jason Tucker, Director of SD and CA at Anglian Water said, “Joining forces with WUN will enable our staff to access events and mentors to assist them in their role within the utilities sector.


“We are working very hard to secure a genuinely equitable gender balance at Anglian Water. Ultimately, we want to see an equal number of men and women employed at all levels across the company. We have largely seen men in key roles within the industry and this has continued with many of our colleagues staying with the company for a very long time and joined when times were somewhat different. It’s good to see the balance shifting, and it’s not by accident. It’s by design.”


Having people who reflect a range of genders, ethnicities, age groups, sexuality and backgrounds is something Anglian Water place huge value on. The company are constantly striving to explore, to innovate and do things differently. That multitude of different voices, backgrounds, life and career experience helps us push boundaries.


WUN runs events to connect women together and offers mentoring for those looking to build their careers and learn from other women who’ve already built successful careers in the sector.