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Anglian Water breaks engineering boundary with £4 million investment

28 May 2019


Unique engineering solution diverts all of Norwich’s sewage to allow upgrade to be completed.


Anglian Water once again breaks engineering boundaries with a £4 million sewer rehabilitation scheme in Whitlingham, Norwich. 


To allow the upgrades to Norwich’s main sewer pipe to be completed, Anglian Water is diverting 190 million litres of sewage a day via a huge overland pipe to their Water Recycling Centre nearby.  


The country’s largest water company by geographical area has adopted this novel approach in order to allow teams to access and improve the current sewer system without compromising the surrounding network. The works required the overland pipe to take sewage away to be treated whilst engineering teams can continue to rehabilitate and improve the existing sewer network 11 metres below the surface.


Nicola Harvey, Anglian Water spokesperson, said: “This solution is quite a feat of engineering; by diverting 2200 litres of waste water a second, our engineers are able to get on with their job of upgrading our network and ensuring it’s in tip-top shape.


“As a company, we’re committed to ensuring our network is ready and resilient for the future. This sewer scheme will strengthen our sewer network and make sure it remains resilient for Norwich’s growing population.


“This impressive engineering solution means our customers can continue using their toilets and washing machines as normal.  Traditional methods would usually incur some form of disruption either from tankers or road works, but by using the overland pipe we can make sure that no-one is affected, and things carry on as normal.”


In addition, the pipe bridge means the local road can remain open throughout the duration of the scheme and will only see minimal disruption on the day it is removed. The work is due to be completed in July 2019.


Anglian Water teams are working 24/7 from Monday to Friday to complete the work as quickly as possible in order to reinstate the upgraded sewer.


Local residents have been informed of the works, but if customers have any queries, they can contact the 24-hour customer helpline on 03457 145 145. Information can also be found on the Anglian Water “In Your Area” website at


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Notes to Editors – Photo of the overland sewer pipe available here.