Anglian Water encourages customers to be water-wise during their summer staycations this year

06 August 2020


With temperatures set to rise this week and more people deciding to enjoy a summer holiday in the UK this year, Anglian Water is encouraging those staying at home to continue to save water wherever they can to help keep taps flowing.


The hot weather in May saw an unprecedented increase in demand for water for the time of year, roughly 20 percent more than normal. This meant the water company was pumping an additional 200 million litres of water to homes across the region on the hottest days and its engineers are predicting similar levels into this weekend as temperatures are forecast to peak above 30 degrees.


Anglian Water provides over four million customers with drinking water across the East of England, supplying on average a billion litres of water a day to homes and businesses. The water comes from a combination of groundwater sources and surface water reservoirs.


Anglian’s Director of Water Services, Paul Valleley, said: “As we begin to move out of lockdown, many of us are choosing to spend our summer holidays in the UK, whether we are remaining at home, or visiting one of the many beautiful destinations on our doorstep across the East of England.


“While this is great for the local economy, it also means more people will be staying in the region during the predicted hot weather who would typically be abroad at this time of year. This will put even more pressure on our water network than a normal summer’s day.


“When the weather warms up, we want everyone to have fun in the sun, but the risk if we see very high demand again, is that there is only so much water we can treat and put into the network at any one time. If everyone draws on that supply at the same time, we could see water pressures dip, meaning it can’t flow from the taps so freely.


“After a wet winter our water supplies are in a good position with reservoirs 90% full and groundwater levels healthy. The cooler temperatures forecast later next week will give our reserves some reprieve, but we need help from our everyone across the region, whether a resident or a visitor, to help manage their water usage sensibly to ensure there is enough to go around. This means reusing water wherever possible.”


Anglian’s Top Water Saving tips:

Reuse your water wherever possible:

  • If you’re filling up the paddling pool this weekend, then cut down your time in the shower.
  • Spending just two minutes less in the shower equals enough water for an extra load of washing for a family of four.
  • Use your bath or washing up water to top up your water butt to use on your plants.
  • Furry friends will lap up your tap water leftovers. Share every drop with them
  • Give the car wash a miss. Swapping the hose for a bucket and sponge drives down water consumption. Better yet, just wipe down your windows.
  • Learn to love your brown lawn. Grass is tough. Turn off the sprinkler, the grass will soon bounce back when it rains.