Anglian Water staff helping endangered amphibians

15 December 2021


Staff from Anglian Water’s Strategic Pipeline Alliance (SPA) volunteered at national amphibian and reptile conservation charity Froglife to learn more about the creatures, whose numbers are falling dramatically, and helped to create habitats in which they can live and breed.  


The session, at Eye Green Nature Reserve near Peterborough, was organised as part of the company’s drive to look after wildlife habitats in areas where they are working. 

SPA will create hundreds of kilometres of new water pipes – running from Lincolnshire to Essex – to bring water from ‘wetter’ areas in the north to ‘drier’ areas in the south.

Construction work on a section of pipeline passing north of Peterborough is expected to begin in autumn of 2022.  


James Crompton, Director of SPA, said: “We’re creating hundreds of kilometres of new water mains to help keep fresh, clean water flowing across the region – a hugely important aspect of our work is protecting and enhancing the environment, and in particular the wildlife in the areas we work.    


“This particular site is an important breeding ground for amphibians. We hope our efforts, to support the excellent work of Froglife and its hard-working volunteers, will help make a difference to amphibian populations in the area.”  


Workers on the huge project, one of the largest water-based infrastructure projects in Europe, have already helped wildlife in some novel ways.  


They have built special fences to protect ‘commuter routes’ for bats. The fences, camouflaged to look like hedgerows, were used to fill in small gaps caused by the water company’s work, ensuring the tiny mammals didn’t lose their way.


High-tech drones have also been deployed to fly night-time missions to help protect nesting birds. The drones, used at night, carry thermal imaging cameras to identify nests.  


Froglife is a national wildlife conservation charity concerned with the conservation of the UK’s amphibian and reptile species and their associated habitats. 


James McAdie Operations Manager from Froglife said: “There are lots of different ways to give time to help us in our mission to protect amphibians and reptiles. We aim to make volunteering with us as fun and rewarding as possible.” 


For further information about Froglife, visit their website at