No swimming sign

Anglian Water is warning people of the dangers of swimming and jumping in reservoirs and open water during for the Royal Life Saving Society’s Drowning Prevention Week. 

Anglian Water is warning people of the dangers of swimming and jumping in reservoirs and open water during Drowning Prevention Week.

Its popular water parks attract millions of visitors ever year and the water company has stressed it wants every one of them to enjoy the facilities safely.

Forty four per cent of people who drown in the UK had no intention of entering the water. That’s why it’s so important to make sure everyone is aware of the dangers and knows what safety measures to take when around reservoirs or any other body of open water.

“We want people to enjoy the lovely weather but more importantly we want them to stay safe,” said Sarah Dobson from Anglian Water.

“It might look appealing to dive into a calm-looking reservoir, but these are operational sites and can be extremely dangerous for even the strongest swimmer.

“Reservoirs are often in isolated locations and are incredibly deep with hidden machinery under the water and many sudden dips and drops. They also have very strong, hidden currents from the continuous pumping of water to customers’ homes.

“Anyone ignoring the warning is risking their life, as well as those of others who may come to their aid.”

The Royal Life Saving Society advice on staying safe around water is:

• Don’t swim at unsupervised, un-lifeguarded sites including lakes, quarries, reservoirs and rivers
• Don’t jump into water from heights or ‘tombstone’
• Don’t swim into deep water which will be colder
• Do swim at supervised, lifeguarded sites
• Do look for signs and advice about the specific dangers at the place where you are considering swimming
• Do think about what you will do if something goes wrong. Make sure you can call for emergency help. Does someone know where you are?

Anglian Water owns and operates several large reservoirs including the largest reservoir in Europe - Rutland Water, Alton Water - near Ipswich, Grafham Water – in Cambridgeshire, Covenham - in North Lincolnshire as well as Pitsford, Ravensthorpe and Hollowell in Northamptonshire.

With the exception of supervised events such as triathlons, and the designated area at Rutland Water, swimming is not permitted at any of these sites.

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