Anglian Water employees volunteered their evenings to help monitor the bats at the company’s water recycling centre in Beccles for the National Bat Monitoring Programme Surveys. 

The results collected will feed into the national programme which aims to find out bat population sizes in the UK.

Many Anglian Water owned sites are rich in wildlife, with the company responsible for 47 Sites of Special Scientific Interest or SSSIs.

Kylie Jones, Anglian Water’s Biodiversity Scientist said: “Our highest count of bats was at our Beccles Water Recycling Centre where we’ve recorded 278 pipistrelle bats in one evening. They are absolutely fascinating creatures and can get through holes not much bigger than a fifty pence piece. It’s wonderful to have such large populations on our site.

“At Anglian Water we recognise that the environment plays an integral role in the services we provide and we are extremely grateful to the volunteers who have taken part in the bat surveys. Without them we wouldn’t be able to provide important data that will help conservation efforts.

“Bat numbers have declined significantly over the last century. While some species have made a comeback it’s vital to continue monitoring our bat populations to find out how they are faring. Our sites across the region provide valuable roosting and foraging habitat for bats as well as supporting a wealth of other species. Our Anglian Water Biodiversity Strategy sets out the commitments we have made to contribute to a flourishing environment across the Anglian Water region.”