With summer around the corner, and beautiful weather for May bank holiday predicted, Anglian Water is encouraging customers to head to the coast to take advantage of the region’s superb beaches and bathing waters as the season starts today. 

The water company will invest a further £1.3million this year to protect and maintain the excellent standards of the region’s coastal waters and beaches which tourism economies and businesses rely on. The money will also be used to help extend Anglian Water’s BeachCare and RiverCare initiatives to cover more miles of coastline and rivers than ever before to help keep beaches and bathing waters free of litter.

Of the 49 bathing waters across the East of England, 32 are rated as ‘Excellent’ against European water quality standards with a further 15 achieving a ‘Good’ rating. The results mean around a quarter of England’s best beaches are now in this region.

“We’re delighted that so many of our bathing waters in our region are now rated ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’, especially as the results are judged on the tougher new European bathing water quality standards,” said Dr Lucinda Gilfoyle, who leads Anglian Water’s coastal strategy.

“For decades, we’ve been spending money to protect and improve our region’s coastline and the seas and rivers in the East of England are now cleaner than they’ve ever been. In total we’ve spent more than £300million to fix the historic issues that were previously affecting bathing water quality. This year we’re committing a further £1.3million to ensure our beaches remain in tip-top shape.”

“Everyone has their part to play when it comes to protecting our bathing waters. We’ll be continuing to invest in on our coastal infrastructure, state-of-the-art bathing water monitoring systems and our successful coastal initiatives to do our bit. We also have a dedicated Coastal Water Protection Team to work with local communities, continue the improvements we’ve made so far and tackle pollution from third party sources such as slurry from farms, trade waste, private sewage systems and misconnected drains.

“We’re also investing £500k in tackling smaller, harder to pinpoint sources of pollution which are not linked to Anglian Water equipment. In these instances, we see it as our responsibility to work with coastal communities to help them address anything that poses a risk to water quality, and the wider economy that might depend on good, clean seas.”

What customers/visitors can do:
• pick up litter
• clean up after your dog
• don’t leave food for sea birds to eat
• use an approved WaterSafe plumber to check you drains are connected correctly.