leaky pipe

With a cold snap expected to bite and keep temperatures at close to zero for the next few days, Anglian Water is urging homeowners and landlords to make sure their homes are wrapped up warm.

The company has produced a couple of handy ‘how to’ videos to help customers make sure they’re prepared whatever the weather. These can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook or here.

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “Most water pipes are buried deep enough to avoid the affects of freezing, but when cold weather strikes we do see the number of frozen pipes increase.

“Unfortunately for homeowners and landlords these pipes tend to be those which they are responsible for – the sections of pipe that fall within their property boundary and within the house.

“The most vulnerable pipes are the exposed sections of pipe above ground – often attached to external walls – or those in homes. But by following some very simple steps customers can make sure their home is protected from costly frozen or burst pipes.”

The simple advice is to:

• Insulate pipes and water tanks
• Stop draughts
• Check outdoor taps and disconnect hoses
• Fix any dripping taps
• Leave the heating on low when you are out or away

Perhaps most importantly though is for people to remember: If you have a burst or a leak in your home, a plumber is the best person to call. Find your stop tap, turn it off and then phone your plumber.

Antony added: “While we’re encouraging customers to check their homes and make them ready for cold snaps, Anglian Water is also making sure its army of 250 leakage technicians are ready to battle the elements and ensure customers’ supplies keep flowing by finding and fixing any leaks or burst pipes, which are often caused by the ground around them freezing, as quickly as possible.

Customers spotting a leak or burst should get in touch as soon as possible by calling 0800 771 881

More information on how to be ready for the winter is available on Youtube, our Facebook page or here.