Anglian Water is urging customers to do a good deed this winter and sign up friends, relatives or neighbours who might need a helping hand, to their WaterCare register. 

The WaterCare register is specifically designed to give extra help and support to customers who especially need it in case of an interruption to the local water supply as well as giving additional support for signing up for special tariffs and reassurance against bogus callers.

Sarah Dobson from Anglian Water said: “We want to give our customers who need an extra helping hand the support and care they need. The WaterCare register has been specifically designed to do this, making sure they are at the front of the line when we’re delivering bottled water in an emergency or by helping them to make sure they’re on the best tariff for them.

“We already have a number of customers signed up to receive these additional services, which are completely free of charge, but we want to make sure we help as many people as possible on the run up to Christmas.”

Those on the register will get extra help in cane of an interruption to the local water supply as well as assistance signing up for special tariff and reassurance against bogus callers.

You can register on behalf of someone else and the service is available for those who are elderly or classed as disabled, nursing mothers with children under the age of one, kidney dialysis patients who have a dialysis machine at home and customers who have sight or hearing difficulties.

Applying is easy online at or by calling 03457 919 155.