Local residents and businesses are invited to come and see plans for a £1.5 million flood alleviation scheme for the Coventry Road area of Market Harborough.

Anglian Water is hosting a public drop-in session at The Enigma Bar, Coventry Road, Market Harborough on Tuesday 7th October between 14:00 and 18:00.

Work is expected to begin in mid-October and take until spring 2015 to be completed, with a close-down during the Christmas shopping period to allow businesses to trade without disruption during this busy time.

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “The Coventry Road area has been affected by surface water flooding in the past, and as recently as the extreme storms last summer.

“The purpose of this scheme is to protect properties along Coventry Road from the risk of flooding. The work will see 230 metres of new larger surface water sewer installed to help take rain water and run-off away from the road and into the River Welland.

“We know work of this nature will be disruptive, which is why we’re working closely with Harborough District Council, the Highways authority and business representatives in the town to plan the work and minimise disruption.

“Hopefully, residents and businesses will understand the importance of the scheme, and that the long term benefits will far outweigh the disruption.”

Work will start in October in the corner of the Commons Car Park where a large pit will dug and a tunnelling machine brought in to install the large pipe beneath the town square. The taxi rank and 30-minute free parking spaces will be relocated away from the work area.

Antony added: “There will be no work in Coventry Road and the town square until the New Year so events like the Christmas Fair, Remembrance Sunday and Farmers Market can go ahead as usual.

“From early January we will unfortunately need to close Coventry Road between the High Street and Commons Car Park entrance. This will allow work to be completed as quickly and safely as possible. Traffic accessing the car park will be diverted and come into the car park from the West.

“Footpaths on Coventry Road will remain open throughout to allow access to homes and businesses, and we will be arranging with business owners to ensure their deliveries can take place without restriction.

“We understand that residents and local business owners will have questions or concerns and we want to do everything we can to address these and make sure the work goes smoothly. This is why we’re holding this drop-in session and we hope people will come along to learn about our plans.”