Installation of the rain water harvesting tank at GPUTC

Peterborough’s new school – the Greater Peterborough University Technical College (GPUTC) - will not only increase the education choices for young people in Peterborough from September 2016; it’s also doing its bit for the environment, after a rainwater harvesting system was installed in the £10 million building.

Anglian Water, which is the main employer sponsor of the GPUTC and will be guaranteeing all students job interviews on successful completion of their studies has co-funded the £70,000 rainwater harvesting system along with Kier Construction – builders of the new, state-of-the-art school at Peterborough’s Park Crescent Campus.

The green technology will reduce the GPUTC’s carbon footprint. Harvested rainwater will be stored in a giant tank and reused to flush toilets around the school. The system will also serve as a hands-on learning aid for students on the Engineering or Built Environment courses offered by the GPUTC.

As the lead employer sponsor, Anglian Water will also be providing students with lots of real-life work experience and projects.

Phil Brown, Anglian Water’s head of learning and development and Chair of Governors for the GPUTC, said: “The GPUTC will develop technically-able young people with a wealth of skills that employers in Peterborough are looking for. At Anglian Water a third of our workforce will retire in the next decade and we want the best and brightest engineers and technicians from this area to leave school with the right skills and experience to join our business.”

Sustainability is the common theme of both of the Engineering and Built Environment courses offered at the GPUTC.

Phil added: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Anglian Water and we need the next generation of engineers, and technicians to have a sound understanding of green technologies and sustainable construction techniques.

“Peterborough is also an environment city, over 380 businesses in the city specialise in environmental goods and services, which is why sustainability and green technology are at the centre of what we are offering students at the GPUTC and will bolster their employability skills. The rainwater harvesting system itself will also provide a great practical learning aid for students and complement our hands-on teaching approach.”

The Greater Peterborough University Technical College is holding open days for young people aged 14-19:

  • Sat 17 October 10am-2pm
  • Tue 24 November 6pm-8pm
  • Thu 4 February 6pm-8pm

The GPUTC offers traditional education in combination with a technical subjects, Employer Projects, master classes and workshops that give students real-life work experience. Other sponsors of the GPUTC are Peterborough Regional College, Larkfleet Group, Anglia Ruskin University and Marshalls Aerospace.

Construction will finish later this month with the building officially handed over to the GPUTC for recruitment events ahead of opening to students in September 2016.