An Approved Plumber helping a customer in their home

Bank holidays are often spent fixing odd jobs in the home but householders in the East of England might want to leave these to the professionals. According to a poll, over 50 per cent of the region’s DIYers resort to calling in tradespeople to complete jobs.

While many householders tackle home improvements themselves in a bid to save money, almost two thirds of those surveyed confessed that it might have been cheaper to let the experts carry out the work in the first place.

According to the poll, DIY is an expensive hobby for the region’s enthusiasts, with residents spending an average of £237 on professional tradespeople to complete their home improvement projects. In five cases, DIYers admitted to spending over £10,000 to rectify jobs which had gone wrong.

Despite this, one in eight is planning a DIY project in the coming months with almost an equal number of men and women pencilling in home improvement projects. The survey also revealed women were less likely than men to call out professionals to rectify DIY disasters; but when they did call tradespeople, it cost almost £100 more per job on average.

The research of one thousand households was commissioned by Anglian Water as part of their Keep Water Healthy campaign. Each year, the water company receives hundreds of calls about odd tastes and smells from tap water, the sources of which are most often in customers’ homes.

While most problems are harmless, DIY projects which have gone wrong can cause serious problems. In a number of cases rain water harvesting systems have been connected to the drinking water supply. In another incident, solar panels were wrongly installed causing drinking water to run through the panels before coming out of the tap.

Although such incidents are relatively few, they have increased considerably and over the past five years, the company has recorded a year-on-year increase.

Robin Price, Regional Water Quality Manager, explains: “Before it gets to your tap, your drinking water is cleaned, disinfected and tested to make sure it is of the very highest standard but we do receive a considerable number of serious calls caused by poor plumbing.

“The most important thing to remember is to use an approved plumber for any major plumbing work or complex jobs. We have an approved plumber list on our website and if customers are unsure whether their plumber is on the register they can call us.”

He added: “Most of these problems are harmless, so we don’t want customers to worry. We simply want them to enjoy water in tip top condition and the Keep Water Healthy campaign is about making sure the water that comes out of every customer’s tap is every bit as good as when it was supplied.”

Videos, advice and leaflets to help everyone keep water healthy once it reaches their home can be found on our Keep Water Healthy pages.