Head to the seaside this summer – the water’s quality!

22 July 2022


With the continued warm weather kicking off this year’s summer holidays, beaches across the East of England are welcoming people to cool off in its vast number of ‘Excellent’ and ‘Good’ standard bathing waters as Anglian Water continues its commitment to improving bathing water quality.


Protecting and improving the environment is a fundamental part of the water company’s purpose. This year, Anglian Water is investing more than £800m to support the environment and is already ahead of the programme for its environmental targets.


Greg Hall, Coastal Catchment Manager, for Anglian Water said: “With the longest coastline of any English water company, caring for this precious area is very important to us and we’re committed to making significant improvements to bathing water quality, including state-of-the-art monitoring systems and upgrading infrastructure.”


“This includes completion of a recent £3.8m investment to significantly upgrade our infrastructure at Lowestoft. The work included increasing the storage capacity of nearby storm tanks and installing state-of-the-art pumps and screens to reduce the risk of blockages from unflushables, like wet wipes and sanitary products.”


The East of England coastline boasts a number of ‘Excellent’ condition bathing waters with 45 out of 48 bathing waters across the region classed as ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’.


Earlier this year, Keep Britain Tidy awarded 18 Blue Flag awards and 20 Seaside awards to bathing waters across the East of England’s coastline. The Blue Flag flying shows these beaches meet the very highest international standards for safety, cleanliness and water quality.


Anglian Water also supports schemes like BeachCare, a volunteering programme to keep beaches free from litter, and works with Councils, the Environment Agency and other local groups including businesses, residents and interest groups to help improve and protect the quality of the region’s bathing waters.


There are a number of ways bathing water quality can be impacted by pollutants entering the sea. This includes third party sources such as slurry from farms and animal poo, misconnected private toilets, litter and car chemicals that are washed off the roads, pavements and fields and into the sea when it rains.


Greg continued: “We’ll continue to commit to keeping our bathing waters in top condition now and into the future, and improve areas not yet classified as Excellent, but we all have a part to play in keeping our beaches and seas clean.”


How visitors can help:

  • take part in a 2 minute beach clean
  • always pick up litter
  • clean up after your dog
  • don’t leave food for sea birds to eat
  • if you live in a coastal town, use an approved WaterSafe plumber to check you drains are connected correctly.


For more information, visit our RiverCare and BeachCare page.