Hunstanton street artwork encourages beachgoers to ‘Splash with No Trash’

08 July 2019


Anglian Water teams up with local school to spread an important environmental message.


Hunstanton seafront has welcomed a new piece of street artwork this week in a bid to highlight the importance of disposing of waste down the correct drain.


Following the success of last year’s Blue Crab campaign in the seaside town, the new artwork was designed with help from the local Hunstanton Primary School pupils, to act as a reminder to all seaside visitors to be mindful of what they put down the drain.


Surface water or ‘rain drains’ are designed to take excess rain water away from roads and pavements and put it directly out to sea. Unfortunately, any waste substances wrongly put down these drains could end up polluting local beaches and bathing waters.


Adam Worley, Anglian Water’s Coastal Catchment Manager, said: “Sadly, we know all too well the impact that pollution is having on our coastal environment. We see far too much waste disposed of along the seafront with worrying examples of sewage and other waste being wrongly emptied into our surface water drains in Norfolk.


“We want to raise awareness amongst residents and visitors to help everyone become a little bit more knowledgeable and vigilant. If they do, they’ll be helping to protect our much-loved coastline.”


Students across four classes submitted their artwork with the two overall winners for design and slogan selected for curation by local artists. The artwork, which was launched on Tuesday, depicts a blue crab and seal in a traditional seaside scene surrounded by pollution, and has been painted along the promenade between the Bowlers and The Waterside Bar.


Adam added: “The new artwork has been designed by the students at Hunstanton Primary School, and we were delighted to have shared our knowledge with the environmental explorers of the future. We hope this artwork acts as a visual reminder to people, companies and contractors that these drains, are connected directly to the sea and are meant for rainwater only. We hope it will prevent any further issues in the future.”


Anglian Water’s Coastal Protection Team work all year round to pinpoint pollution to prevent potential impacts on the region’s beaches and bathing waters.


The water company also has two 2-Minute Beach Clean boards in Hunstanton which provides visitors with the tools to complete a quick clean-up of the beach. The boards are there to encourage beach-goers to pick up rubbish and plastics along the seafront during their visit to reduce pollution and help improve the appearance of the beach.


The two boards can be found on the promenade outside of the Oasis Leisure Centre, with the other located at the Old Town Beach Café in Old Hunstanton.



You can download images of the artwork here.