water meter

Over 15,000 new water meters will be installed across King's Lynn, West Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire during the next eight months as Anglian Water steps up its efforts to help customers save water and money.

It marks the start of a brand new approach from the water company to put more customers in control of their bill. Water saving experts from Anglian Water will visit targeted areas, and in one go, install thousands of new water meters and update older ones too. The water company will also be sending their experts to visit customers’ homes to provide extra freebies and advice to help them reduce their bills, and make it even easier to use water efficiently.

Antony Innes from Anglian Water, said: “Millions of people in the region are already benefitting from having a meter and becoming more water efficient. But many more could be saving water and money.

“Customers in the region who have already opted to have a meter installed have on average saved £100 on their annual water bill. Consumption has reduced by around 26 litres everyday per metered household too.

“This is great news for customers’ bills and for the environment, but we want to help more customers see that water efficiency can really benefit them.”

This new approach has been designed to keep customer disruption to a minimum and tailor water efficiency advice to each home. Anglian Water is offering free home visits and water audits, where a water saving expert visits a home to give each customer the best hints and tips for their circumstances. The technician will also install a range of free water efficient devices so they can save water without even noticing.

Letters will be sent to almost 28,000 households across the area to let customers know the programme is coming to their area. The letter also explains how to request a water efficiency visit or meter installation.

Part of the programme will see Anglian Water routinely install meters at homes, free of charge, but customers do not have to use them and can continue to receive an unmeasured bill as before. Those who choose to switch and try out their new meters will be able to switch back at anytime in the first two years if they’re not completely satisfied – again completely free of charge.

The towns of King's Lynn and Towcester are one the first areas in the East of England to benefit from Anglian Water’s new water saving approach. By the end of the decade the company aims to have installed 85,500 meters across the region and to have 86 per cent of its customers choosing to pay for their water in this way. In addition, the company plans to have carried out 120,000 free home visits which will have tailored water efficiency advice to each home.

Antony, added: “It may seem odd that a water company wants people to use less water and charge them less, but we are serious about it. We don’t want customers to pay for a drop more than they need to use.

“Water is a finite resource and we all have a role to play in making sure supplies are protected for the future. Everyone doing their bit is vital for our region as we face up to the challenges of rapid population growth and as dramatic changes in weather become more common. Both are likely to stretch our resources further still in the coming years.

“This is why we’re encouraging customers to switch to a water meter. They are a simple and very effective way of reducing the amount we all use every day, and put you in control of your own bill.”

Anglian Water is doing its bit too; the company’s leakage levels are already the lowest in the industry and have beaten the regulator targets three consecutive years in a row. It’s also investing £60million over the next five years to drive down leakage even further.

You can find out more about our water efficiency and metering programme here or if you want to get a meter fitted you can call our meter installation team on 0845 850 5852, there are also plenty of tips to help customers Drop20 available here