Apprentice Lucy Keil at Grafham Water Treatment Works

The deadline is looming for applications to join the next generation of water engineers in our region.

Two apprenticeship schemes are on offer throughout the region. But time is running out as the final date to get an application in is July 18th.

The 18 month programmes will see nineteen apprentices trained up as either a Network Technician or a Process Technician.

Our Network Technician and Process Technician apprentice positions take 18 months and result in Network Technician and Process Technican roles which will involve being part of our ongoing multi-million pound war on leakage and helping ensure we’re offering the best service to our customers. There are also roles available at several of our water recycling works helping maintain the essential sewage infrastructure our region relies on.

This year the company is hoping to increase the number of young women going into these roles to try and address the long term gender imbalance in water engineering careers.

Stacey Gibson, from Anglian Water’s apprenticeship programme, said: “All of our apprentices get a guaranteed job at the end of their qualification period so this is the first step on an exciting career ladder.

“It’s hard work, but you’ll get a lot of support, make friends and get a real challenge which for many of our apprentices is a life changing one.

“Women make up less than 10 per cent of engineers in the UK and we often struggle to attract girls into apprentice positions. But we really feel the service we provide would be improved by having a diverse mix of staff in all areas – especially when we’re dealing with customers face to face and sensitivity is vital.

“Our frontline staff ensure that the region has clean, healthy water and sewerage every hour of every day. It’s a vital job and it could one day lead to a management level position in the water industry.”

To be eligible for an apprenticeship applicants must have five GSCEs (or equivalent) with grades A to C including Maths and English.

Salaries for the four year apprenticeships start at £12,000 a year and go up with each year of the programme. After graduation the starting salary is around £23,000.