Nearly three kilometres of sewers under the city of Lincoln are being refurbished next month with a massive £800,000 investment from Anglian Water. 

The money will be used to protect the brickwork which will keep the sewers flowing freely for decades to come and help reduce the risk of sewer flooding.

The investment in Lincoln is part of the £30m Anglian Water spends every year maintaining and relining sewers right across the region. And, it’s just one of the schemes Anglian Water is carrying out to maintain and improve services for the county’s 333,327 households, representing £438.6million investment for Lincolnshire by 2020.

The sewer refurbishment will take place on Nettleham Road, between Browning Drive and Wolsey Way, from Saturday 11 February to Monday 13 February.

Regan Harris from Anglian Water said: “This is really essential work to keep sewers flowing freely, and we’re working in an efficient way so we don’t have to dig up much road. However, we know these roads are busy every day of the week and that’s why we’ll be working over the weekend between 9am and 6pm to minimise disruption to work traffic.

Rather than digging up large sections of road to replace the existing sewers, the pipes will be relined with a soft felt ‘sock’ impregnated with resin which fixes it to the walls of the sewer. Steam is then used to cure the ‘sock’ to form a rigid pipe within a pipe, which is designed to last for at least 50 years. This process strengthens the sewer pipes and dramatically reduces the risk of sewer collapses, which are often costly to repair, and disruptive for local residents.

Regan continues: “Creating a new pipe within the old one is efficient and effective. We can provide the strength of a new pipe, without the disruption of digging up vast stretches of road replacing old sewers.